The Polish Agile Association is a non-profit organization


  • was created to support each other’s common goals
  • is not associated with any company or organization
  • it is the common good of its members, the highest authority of which is the general meeting of members
  • members of the association (including the management board and audit committee) act for the benefit of the organization without payment
  • it works thanks to the work that is the contribution of members to the organization
  • collects funds through contributions and
  • … and may collect payment for work done for other companies and organizations

zarząd Stowarzyszenia stanowią:

  • Michał Januszewski as chairman of the board
  • Włodzimierz Tatucha as vice-president of the board
  • Paweł Olejnik as vice-president of the board
  • Izabela Januszewska as member of the board
  • Natalia Kraszewska as member of the board
  • Grzegorz Staniak as member of the board
  • Ewelina Wińska as member of the board

Michał Januszewski

  • organizer, awakens the best in people
  • the greatest joy comes from developing others
  • appreciates and admires the diversity of people, attitudes and organizations
  • builds teams by giving them a common goal
  • focused on customer value

Natalia Kraszewska

  • supports people in terms of their strengths
  • enthusiast of the philosophy of continuous learning
  • supports leaders in developing leadership competences
  • connects the dots, looks holistically and thinks systematically
  • avoids creating local optimizations

Grzegorz Staniak


  • quick / easy solutions
  • listen (two ears, one mouth – such a gift)
  • ask to suggest the best solutions
  • support and connect people / their competences
  • give space in a friendly and effective work environment
  • work with responsible and committed people

Izabela Januszewska

  • team initiator, catalyst, inspirer of changes and improvements
  • makes important matters audible
  • reads feelings, emotions and needs of others naturally
  • cares about the relationship building and team dynamics
  • loves to operate in an environment of change