how are we doing?

as an association, we run programs. They are:

  • implemented by us – members
  • directed to us to support development
  • directed outward to talk about agile
  • directed to companies to earn for the association

it all means
that you can do a lot of work
and earn nothing.

it’s super-fun.

what programs do we have?

mentoring: one-on-one

do you think mentoring is personal training? nothing could be more wrong – it is many times better. You will find prepared mentors here who will allow you to verify your actions in a safe, high confidentiality environment.
we promise you a lot of hard work ahead of you.

mentoring: hub

mentoring: the hub is a great way to work in a group – you learn from the mentor’s experience and everyone participating in the session. it works.

mentoring: how-to

do you think that you have to know a lot to be a mentor? the amount of knowledge is not that critical, but it is necessary to know what mentoring is and how to conduct it.
mentoring for everyone.

let’s review

text polishing support program. we check with a trusted group that gives constructive feedback.
the texts will be even better.

let’s write: how-to

article writing learning program. about where to publish, about tools, techniques, and aids …
all the most important.

is it all?

no. programs are created all the time because each member can make them. the association is there to:

  • help organizationally
  • drive conceptually
  • support financially and technically
  • find help from other members

all you need is to have an idea that you want to organize, coordinate or execute and talk to.

two heads are better than one

… and of us (members), there are many