mentoring:hub is a mutual development program around one specific topic. we meet in groups (preferably 6 people) plus a mentor. the frequency of meetings is set for the whole group. the mentor leads the process and throws up topics for discussion.

mentoring is carried out as a series with a fixed number of meetings, and after its completion, we move on to the next topics. when you start the program, you commit to come to the meetings, because you are coming not only for yourself, but the others need you. in the second absence you will be removed from the group.

to participate in the mentoring program: hub

  • you must be a member of the Agile Association
  • you don’t need to be an active Scrum Master
  • you have to be willing to work on your own development
  • you must have time for meetings
  • do you want to develop with people?
  • learn through discussions and group search for answers?
  • do you want knowledge to be understanding, not remembering?

mentoring:hub is for you.

Grzegorz Staniak


he feels best when dealing with soft topics such as negotiations, conflict resolution or communication.

Marek Konderski


knows how to become a Scrum Master, even in the toughest conditions.

Izabela Januszewska


covers topics of coaching, NVC, and agile mindset.

Magda Zylik-Kosmowska

program coordinator

conducts calls, keeps contacts, checks …
she just overwhelms everything.